I’m back!!

Hello everyone!! 

I apologize for the lack of blog post for I don’t even know how long. -.- I am back though and ready to keep this site up and running! So much has happened since my last post!. I would first like to tell everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyones new year went well and everyones wallets isn’t too destroyed:) 

College has just started up for me. I’m trying to get back in the flow of things but I am having such a hard time adjusting. I’m the type of person who just lacks motivation. I know I am capable of good grades if I try (such as everyone) but I just can’t seem to bring myself to focus…a new years resolution perhaps? 

Hope everyone is well

❤ 🙂


Are you stressed?


In life, unfortunately we get tossed around like a Caesar salad! I swear, when was the time when we had no stress to suffering from it 24/7 ? Let’s face it, stress is unavoidable >< Sometimes we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we just don’t know what to do. Hopefully these small tips will make your day just a little more bearable ! 


1) Positive thinking


– The human mind is really powerful. Try looking at the glass half full. Don’t be so negative all the time. Negativity can drain the life out of you. Focus on the positives of the situation. Think of solutions with a clear mind. Stop doubting yourself. Smile!


2) Take a breather.


– Sometimes you need to break the monotony in your life. When you are doing the same routine over and over again, stress can actually build up from that because your not giving your body a break. Even a small 15 min break from work can clear your mind. Look at a buffet for example, you eat and eat and eventually your stomach starts to hurt. What do you do? Sit for a bit and start eating again. Basically the same thing right? 


3) People, people, people


– Spend time with people who makes your life better! DO NOT surround yourself with negative energy. Maintaining close relationships with people is what life is about. Go out on a nice lunch break with your significant other, call up your 6 year old niece and ask her what she learned in school, anything. Positive energy is contagious. 


4) Alone time


– Sometime all we need is some quiet alone time. Use this time to meditate. Medicate yourself with quiet time and if you are religious, prayer. 


Labor Day and selflessness.

Hello readers 🙂 How was your labor day? I hope it went lovely ❤

I hit kind of a snag this weekend because I had nothing to write about D: 

Events that occurred this weekend however sparked something, how nice.

For some reason, I have the hardest time meeting people who are genuinely nice people. Maybe I am a magnet for jerks >< Anyways, a couple of friends and I were of course free on labor day and we were planning a carefree mini road trip. Seems kind of basic right? Well, this one person – let’s name him…Mark. Mark got really really upset that everyone was going to the road trip because he worked that day unfortunately. When I mean really upset, I mean he called me getting angry that everyone was deserting him etc. He has the type of personality that gets mad at everyone and I’m not exactly sure why we put up with it..he’s kind of a bully D: 

Back to the story…

He made a big deal and he put us in a situation where we just couldn’t go out that day period. 

There’s more o.o

He agreed to go on the road trip on a day where he can go, but other people can’t. People who are actually fun -.- And he didn’t seem to care that these other people couldn’t go!!

How selfish is that?? 

I think one of my pet peeves is selfishness. I don’t understand why there are people in this world who only cares about themselves and cries like a big baby when the world doesn’t revolve around them. 

Of course the really nice people who are not able to go on the second planned trip didn’t make a big deal. 

I just don’t get people sometimes.. I wish people like this could see how they act and get a serious attitude check. 

Ode to Sexism, Double Standards and Rush Limbaugh

Amen, sister.

controversial chaos


Ain’t that the truth?! It seems quite impossible to deny the fact that the issue of abortion or contraception would be entirely different if men could become pregnant. I really truly believe abortion would not even be an issue in any election if it was not tied to women’s rights. It seems to be the same old “women and their sexuality are not respected or allowed” type rhetoric yet one must wonder why this bullshit is still so accepted.

As I started to ponder all the sadness in my life I couldn’t help myself from thinking about Rush Limbaugh (yes, he truly saddens my life) and his blatant sexism. As I thought about the issue of abortion I couldn’t help thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his idiotic remark about Sandra Fluke and naming her a “slut” because of her fight to have insurance cover contraception despite of religious views…

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Election Season

So I am not much into politics, though I should be D: It is quite important to know the issues and what is going on around you. 


Around this time, campaigning is everywhere. The one thing that I want to talk about is the commercial campaigns made by politicians. I always get a negative vibe when i see these commercials bashing their opponent. I mean

maybe it’s a strategy that works,

I just don’t personally believe in stepping on other people’s failures to reach your own success. 


Sex has always been something that I believed you should do with someone who genuinely cares about you.

Sure, sex feels good and lots of people are okay with doing it with numerous people, I don’t lose respect for you or anything, I just want you to be safe.

By safe, I mean emotionally.

Sometimes people can use sex as a tool to hurt you. I don’t ever want anyone to be in a position where they feel like someone’s sex slave.

It is your body.

No means no. 

Keep fighting!

No one ever said life was easy, and dealing with all the problems that are constantly going on can drain you. People will come in and out of your life, and you’ll see which ones are still standing by you after time. There will be times when you reach your breaking point and it seems like the whole world is shattering before your eyes. 


Always try to stay positive, stay determined, and keep your head held high. Teach yourself to not depend on people too much. Learn to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously. 

: )