Labor Day and selflessness.

Hello readers 🙂 How was your labor day? I hope it went lovely ❤

I hit kind of a snag this weekend because I had nothing to write about D: 

Events that occurred this weekend however sparked something, how nice.

For some reason, I have the hardest time meeting people who are genuinely nice people. Maybe I am a magnet for jerks >< Anyways, a couple of friends and I were of course free on labor day and we were planning a carefree mini road trip. Seems kind of basic right? Well, this one person – let’s name him…Mark. Mark got really really upset that everyone was going to the road trip because he worked that day unfortunately. When I mean really upset, I mean he called me getting angry that everyone was deserting him etc. He has the type of personality that gets mad at everyone and I’m not exactly sure why we put up with it..he’s kind of a bully D: 

Back to the story…

He made a big deal and he put us in a situation where we just couldn’t go out that day period. 

There’s more o.o

He agreed to go on the road trip on a day where he can go, but other people can’t. People who are actually fun -.- And he didn’t seem to care that these other people couldn’t go!!

How selfish is that?? 

I think one of my pet peeves is selfishness. I don’t understand why there are people in this world who only cares about themselves and cries like a big baby when the world doesn’t revolve around them. 

Of course the really nice people who are not able to go on the second planned trip didn’t make a big deal. 

I just don’t get people sometimes.. I wish people like this could see how they act and get a serious attitude check. 


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