Ode to Sexism, Double Standards and Rush Limbaugh

Amen, sister.

controversial chaos


Ain’t that the truth?! It seems quite impossible to deny the fact that the issue of abortion or contraception would be entirely different if men could become pregnant. I really truly believe abortion would not even be an issue in any election if it was not tied to women’s rights. It seems to be the same old “women and their sexuality are not respected or allowed” type rhetoric yet one must wonder why this bullshit is still so accepted.

As I started to ponder all the sadness in my life I couldn’t help myself from thinking about Rush Limbaugh (yes, he truly saddens my life) and his blatant sexism. As I thought about the issue of abortion I couldn’t help thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his idiotic remark about Sandra Fluke and naming her a “slut” because of her fight to have insurance cover contraception despite of religious views…

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