What is should be like

What does it really feel like to be loved? 

For the longest time, I have not felt love; romantic love that is. I knew what love was supposed to be like but I never had the opportunity to actually love. My first boyfriend was hardly a relationship and the 2 after that never made me feel that spark that everyone was talking about. This of course changed until I met the guy that I am with now. 

I am so lucky to have found someone who actually accepts me for who I am. There are no amount of words to describe the feeling I get when I am with him. We have a friendship that will last till we grow old. I say this even when our future’s uncertain. He may not be the one I marry, but I know that he will always be my best friend. 

At this point in our lives, Justin and I are together. We have a very stable long distance relationship. (is that even possible?) ha, it is when your connection with each other holds strong signal. We have hurdled through really tough situations. When I say tough, I do not mean petty little arguments. We have established what we want from each other and I think what really keeps us together is the fact that our friendship is so strong. We can actually have a long conversation on a bed without thinking about sex. 

The company is enough.

Like I mentioned earlier, our future together is uncertain but we are both working really hard to maintain the love and relationship we have now. 


my bug & I Image


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