Keep fighting!

No one ever said life was easy, and dealing with all the problems that are constantly going on can drain you. People will come in and out of your life, and you’ll see which ones are still standing by you after time. There will be times when you reach your breaking point and it seems like the whole world is shattering before your eyes. 


Always try to stay positive, stay determined, and keep your head held high. Teach yourself to not depend on people too much. Learn to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously. 

: )


Stop beating yourself up, kid.

You ARE amazing

It always boggles my mind when there are these amazing people that get so broken up because they are not with a significant other. They get so down on themselves because they feel that they are the reason why they do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They take it to a level where their self esteem gets beaten up. Sometimes these types of people are the most unique and awesome people you meet in a lifetime. You cannot impress everyone all of the time.Don’t give people the power to tear you down. There are people who appreciate you for who you are and only they deserve your time and your attention. 


You my dear, are loved. 

Apology’s : The right way.

Apologize correctly please.

It is inevitable as human beings that we will do something wrong to someone else. In this event, an apology is usually expected from the other person when you realize that you did wrong. One of my pet peeves I would have to say is people not apologizing correctly. Insincere apologies, apologies where you don’t really apologize for what you did, but instead apologize for how the other person feels ie. i am sorry you feel that way, are stupid, pointless, and honestly, I think are worse then not apologizing period. 

SO if you find yourself needing to apologize for something remember..

-Apologizing for the action but not offering a resolution or a solution is pointless. Why are you even apologizing if you are not even going to attempt to fix things?

-Saying things like “I am sorry that you feel sad about it” “I am sorry if you THINK i made you feel this way” is not even an attempt to apologize. You are deviating yourself from the wrong that you did.

-Saying that you won’t apologize for what you did unless the other party apologizes for what they did, is just insincere. Apologies can’t be seen as I give you one, you give me one. A sincere apology doesn’t expect one in return. If you don’t get an apology back, then just let it go. They probably do feel bad for what they did, but pride gets in the way sometimes. If they really don’t feel remorse, then what can you do right? You are only really hurting yourself if you keep expecting an apology from this person. 

Do it right 

inspiration taken from The Last lecture (book)Image

What is should be like

What does it really feel like to be loved? 

For the longest time, I have not felt love; romantic love that is. I knew what love was supposed to be like but I never had the opportunity to actually love. My first boyfriend was hardly a relationship and the 2 after that never made me feel that spark that everyone was talking about. This of course changed until I met the guy that I am with now. 

I am so lucky to have found someone who actually accepts me for who I am. There are no amount of words to describe the feeling I get when I am with him. We have a friendship that will last till we grow old. I say this even when our future’s uncertain. He may not be the one I marry, but I know that he will always be my best friend. 

At this point in our lives, Justin and I are together. We have a very stable long distance relationship. (is that even possible?) ha, it is when your connection with each other holds strong signal. We have hurdled through really tough situations. When I say tough, I do not mean petty little arguments. We have established what we want from each other and I think what really keeps us together is the fact that our friendship is so strong. We can actually have a long conversation on a bed without thinking about sex. 

The company is enough.

Like I mentioned earlier, our future together is uncertain but we are both working really hard to maintain the love and relationship we have now. 


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